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Tree Falling

Trees can be fallen using a chainsaw or climbing and piecing down or using a spider lift or a mechanized machine.

Stump Grinding

Turf friendly rubber track Vermeer SC70. Wood chips are left onsite or hauled away.


96' Grapple Saw Crane


Limbs and tops are put through a chipper and hauled off.

Brush Mowing

Mows up to 3" diameter material. Rubber track Bobcat with 6' mower deck.

Bobcat Services

Rubber track Bobcat Excavator. Rubber track Bobcat skid steer with attachments: Buckets, Soil Conditioner, Auger, Sweeper, Forks, Spade, Brush Mower.

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We are experts at cutting trees down safely and using the proper equipment. Our crew is professionally trained at cutting and removing trees. Our goal is to have you satisfied with the work being done.

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 Usually about in one year after the needles die and have fallen off. 

Free, we are happy to advise you. We are experts on Beetle Infested Trees.

A machine  with a metal wheel and carbide teeth that spins fast to cut the stump into wood chips.

A Grapple Saw is attached to the end of the boom of the Crane. The Crane extends out to grapple the tree,  the  saw cuts the top part of the tree, the crane brings the tree top  to the chipper to be removed and then the Grapple Saw Crane swings back to make another cut on the tree. Minimal impact, Safer Tree Removal.

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